Event Sponsorship Information

Event Sponsorship Information

Program Sponsors – Program Sponsors receive full program access, Banner placement (sponsor provided) in/around prime areas of Main Venue location, (1) product or information table, Logo and information in attendee program booklet, up to (2) registrations for the program complete with lodging and meals.

Lanyard Sponsor – Lanyard Sponsors will have (or provide) logo on attendee lanyards, name & logo in the attendee program booklet, (1) product or information table, and up to (2) registrations for the program complete with Lodging and Meals

Presenting Sponsor – Presenting sponsors are a part of the Program and help with announcing/introducing keynotes and/or workshop leaders. They also receive logo recognition in the attendee program booklet, (1) product or information table, and (1) registration to the event complete with lodging and meals. 

Back-Cover Sponsor – Back-Cover Sponsors receive prime information placement in the attendee program booklet (Back-Cover, full page, full color), (1) product or information table, and (1) event registration complete with lodging and meals.

Table Sponsor – Table Sponsors receive (1) product or information table during the event and up to (2) registrations to the event complete with lodging and meals. Table sponsors may receive program booklet recognition if space allows (not guaranteed).

General Sponsorship – General sponsorship (for amounts less than $250) receive logo recognition in the attendee program booklet. 

Sponsorship Promise

Our Commitment to you
The ad policy and program has been thoroughly reasoned and prayed over to help with funds for our program, to maximize your investment and promote good stewardship for all parties involved. For the sponsors of our events we promise:

  1. Industry Exclusivity – One ad sponsor per industry.
    • If selected as a sponsor, your company will be the only business/ministry in its industry to be featured in our program or at the event. (Exceptions may apply and will be discussed with sponsors prior to acceptance)
  2. Quality Production – High Quality Ads for High-Quality Results from a High-Quality Program.
    • Our ad specifications are to ensure that your brand is presented in the best conceivable way. We believe that if you look good, we look good.
    • Any change or modification to your ad/banner/slide/video will be sent to you for approval prior to it being added to the program.
  3. Maximized Visualization – More overall ROI
    • We want you to get the most out of the money you are spending so we want to give every opportunity to be seen by the attendees at our events.
    • Program placement, banners, website ads, and more are all a part of each sponsorship level. That gives you multiple opportunities to catch the attention of potential clients/customers.
  4. Relational Accountability – Your Name, Our Name, and the Name of the Lord
    • As a company and as individuals we want to honor Christ in all that we do. We promise to deal fairly with you and your business and conduct ourselves in a manner that would bring honor and Glory to Christ and to our sponsors.

Logo Requirements

We ask that all logos be in vector format at 300dpi or better. If you do not have a vector of your logo, please send the highest quality version of your logo possible. Large files can be submitted via WeTransfer.com

Logo and sponsor information must be received no later than 1 month prior to the event. No late submissions will be accepted without prior approval. This is to ensure we do not incur additional fees for rush delivery due to late submissions.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated. 


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