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Thank you for your interest in donating to Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center!

Why You Should Give

The gifts you make to Lake Yale directly affect everyone we are trying to reach. From lowering of costs that affect group rates, to our ability to provide much needed scholarships to those who otherwise could not afford to attend one of the life-changing events held here, donation dollars are vital to the furtherance of our mission.

We provide complete transparency. Our funds are audited every year by auditors who know ministry and non-profit organizations. Your trust in us is important. At any time, you, as a donor have the right to know what is being done with your donation dollars and to come and see what we are planning and where the Lord is leading.

Giving impacts lives. The lives of students, the lives of families, the lives of women, and the lives of senior adults. It affects the staff and the volunteers. It affects every life we are able to reach out to because of your generosity. Giving makes a way for us to keep sharing the gospel of main importance before all else. Giving makes that happen.

Annual Fund

There are so many people who do not have a relationship with Christ. While we already spread the word and love of Christ, we need your help to accomplish our Mission on a larger scale. Each year our Annual Fund provides essentials to everyday operations of our campus. From purchasing a new walk-in refrigerator and updating damaged rooms, to keeping the cost low so others may be able to afford to join their group on our campus. We also host pastoral sabbaticals to honor pastors and the work they do to expand the kingdom; Stronger Pastors make Stronger Churches!

Room Renovation Project

There is a total of 208 motel rooms on campus, many of which need to be renovated and/or updated to meet the needs of our guest groups. While we already started the renovation process on five damaged rooms and currently have six other rooms fully paid for, we need your help to accomplish the rest of the 197 room renovations.

Scholarship Program

Our focus is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to hear the gospel. Our scholarship program helps us to be able to offset the costs for individuals, and sometimes, even entire groups, so that finances are not a hinderance or excuse, allowing as many as will to come to hear the life-changing gospel of Christ. The cost is always kept low for all groups, but your help ensures that no one is turned away due to financial difficulty.

Other Ways to Help

The most significant thing any of us can do is pray for the needs of this ministry and for God to soften the heart of those who have the ability and opportunity to give. We do not underestimate the value of prayer. We appreciate you placing the mission of this ministry and its staff among the things you pray for on a regular basis. Click here to become a prayer warrior.

All giving is honored and greatly appreciated. Giving in regular amounts throughout the year provides the opportunity for your giving to impact even more. Knowing we have scheduled gifts coming in helps us in our planning and preparation for our busy seasons and lets us know that we can move forward with projects that will have an impact on those coming in the future.

Spread the word through social media, emails, and conversations with your friends about what you are doing and how you are helping preserve the ministry of Lake Yale for the future. Your generosity will be inspiring to others and together we will continue to make great strides toward reaching our world for Christ!

We'd love for you to serve with us! Want to apply to become a volunteer with LYBCC? Click here!

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Annual Fund

Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center is honored to have been blessed by our donors, supporters, volunteers and staff throughout the years. Because of their faithfulness, our mission to make Christ known through a life-changing experience in an opportunity rich environment has continued through and has even grown in the midst of the pandemic.

God brought new opportunities for us throughout last year and gave us an opportunity to address some needs in the ministry that are enabling us to further that mission. Our staff are now more interactive with the guests than ever before, giving us more opportunities to share the love of Christ through our work and our witness.

We are meeting the needs of our guests, showing them we care through modified cleaning and service schedules and routines. Our doors became open to new groups giving us more opportunity to be hope for the hurting. All of this because our donors, supporters, volunteers and staff have trusted the Lord in their giving to Lake Yale.

We are so thankful for those gifts that give us the opportunities to reach the thousands of individuals who step foot onto Lake Yale. Your gifts help us to keep the costs low so every student, child and adult can afford to come to Lake Yale to hear and be changed by the gospel.

We’re also thankful for those gifts that have helped us renovate and make much needed updates to our motel rooms and our site infrastructure. We are thankful for every gift, no matter the size and scope that helped keep the ministry and staff of Lake Yale going.

Through all of your continued generosity we are able to make great strides to make the mission of Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center a long-standing tradition in Florida and beyond.

Room Renovation Project

While we were closed during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, one of our top floor hotel rooms incurred a busted water pipe which proceeded to flood the entire room. Upon inspection we realized that it not only ruined one room, but it also ruined four additional rooms. We knew we needed to make some updates to our rooms and now we had to. The unforeseen opportunity was paid for by individuals who donate to our Annual Fund every year. Because of this fund we were able to fully remodel these rooms and make them stunningly beautiful, fresh, and energy efficient. This renovation process made us realize how needed these updates were, which is how the Room Renovation Project was born!

Our Room Renovation Project has been in full swing since Spring 2020. This year we would like to team up with individuals and groups who feel led to help fund additional rooms to be renovated. The cause for this continued renovation, even after the original damaged rooms are complete, is for multiple reasons.

  1. Cleaning:
    – Waterproof flooring eliminates smells and is easier to clean up spills, dirt and dust.
    – Floating counters for easier access cleaning and makes it harder for items to hide or get lost.
  2. Updated utilities such as dimmable LED lighting and new windows for energy efficiency
  3. Mission minded and Christ focused décor
  4. Comfortable amenities for our guest to rest, relax and be ready to spread the word about our Lord.

If you or any one you know feel led to help fund one of these rooms, please reach out; We would be excited to give you a tour!

Scholarship Program

Your donations have helped us keep the costs low so every student, youth, child, and adult can afford to come to Lake Yale to hear and be changed by the gospel. This year we would like to introduce the Lake Yale Scholarship Program.

Our goal is to be able to sponsor students, adults and even some families that would love to come to Lake Yale but can’t due to finances. We don’t want anyone to have the hindrance of “I can’t come because it’s too much”.

Our plan this year is to reach out to these ministries to see who in their group would come if finances weren’t an issue and sponsor them through our scholarship program so they have the opportunity to experience our Lord. This Scholarship Program takes off guilt and burdens from church groups to allow everyone in their church family to attend their Lake Yale event.